integraREP is a fully integrated mobile sales force solution that allows your sales force to be more responsive to your customer needs. Imagine walking into a customer’s office armed with every detail about their history and performance. 

integraREP gives your sales personnel the power to do just that. Sales history, product information, pricing and sales performance tools are at your sales person’s fingertips. Any questions the customer asks can now be answered instantly using the powerful tools in integraREP.

integraREP now runs in online and offline modes.Selling products and providing services in today’s environment requires much more than a price book and an order pad.

integraREP combines all the tools of your company on the mobile sales device of your choice. Your sales personnel can provide real-time data to help your customers make prudent buying decisions. You have the ability to take orders immediately, ensuring the highest fill rate based on real-time inventory levels. integraREP allows you to provide customer-specific pricing and calculated allowed price discounts on the spot. Order confirmations are sent immediately to your warehouse and to your customers. You also have the ability to complete the sales order with our secure credit card encrypted tools. No more calling back to the office to check product availability or credit limits. 

integraREP makes every sales call more productive. Your sales personnel can answer virtually every question raised without picking up the phone. integraREP turns your sales personnel into proactive business partners with your customers. 

With integraREP, your sales personnel can walk away from every sales call knowing that they have exceeded their customers’ expectations, and further entrench the reason they chose you as their premier distributor.