integraSTORE is a totally integrated internet shopping solution for distributors to interact with their wholesale customers and retail clients. integraSTORE is a self hosted product that allows you to keep your web presence looking fresh at all times. This powerful tool allows you to showcase your company, your entire inventory or your “specials” on a very user-friendly landing page. 

With integraSTORE, you are in charge of your web selling possibilities. No more waiting to have someone else change your web store options. You can do it using our easy to learn Administration module. With the integraSTORE tools, you can load your entire inventory within minutes. Using pictures and URL commands, you can enhance every aspect of your web presence. 

integraSTORE enables you to have an international selling presence without the headache of custom web design and costly changes. The return on your investment will be quick and quantifiable. integraSTORE was designed with you in control, from changing color schemes to loading pricing strategies and product offerings within seconds. It allows you to offer customer-specific pricing with ease. Everything is real time, including inventory availability and credit card authorization and processing. 

Looking for a way to reduce your excess inventory levels? integraSTORE provides the solution. You have the option to promote any and every product you stock in a special section of your landing page. integraSTORE allows you to promote your business partners via easy-to-set up URL calls and scripts. If you have products requiring more technical challenges, you can direct your customers to your technical operation manuals or directly to your vendors’ manuals. 

integraSTORE brings you into the forefront of web shopping. This very powerful tool is a must in today’s selling environment. We can provide additional design and consulting services to make your web presence the premier presence in your industry.